Russian Ark (dir. Alexander Sokurov, 2002)

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Penny Dreadful: First and last apperance

Cesare was to be the evil genius of Lucrezia’s life: their love and loyalty to one another were such that he, like his father, would be accused of incest with her; even that his obsessive love for her led him to murder. Sarah Bradford  x

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And Marilyn was insecure about her beauty, her acting, and herself. She was never late in the morning. In fact, she arrived hours before the rest. But after her beauty makeup and hair styling, she felt unworthy of being a star. She felt she had not much talent and was ashamed. What people called her tardiness and temperament was really her humiliation. I tried to help her.

Yves Montand about Marilyn Monroe to Shirley MacLaine in 1961.

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Favorite Films: Gone with the Wind (1939)


When people tell me that learning about history and the past isn’t important:


Exactly!! Same for me!!!

No more let Life   d i v i d e   what Death can  join together


Happy Birthday Harry James Potter; July 31st 1980